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Imagine if politicians took Lent seriously (giving up crisps doesn’t count) | Jack Bernhardt

Lent is very hard to commercialise but uniquely important – 40 days of quiet, sincere reflection would do us all good

It’s here, guys! The best day of the year. Put on your Noddy Holder wig, stick your head out the window and scream it: it’s Leeennnnnnnt! Today marks the first day of Lent, a time I’ve always had a soft spot for. I think it’s the fact that there are so many excellently named days in it: Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday sound like rejected characters from the Addams Family, maybe their british cousins who have never seen the sun.

Lent is a time of sacrifice, sobriety and telling people how much better you are than them because you’ve managed to avoid eating Skips for just over a month. But what if it were more than that. What if, in these dark and uncertain times, this drab, depressing period, which sounds less like a word and more like a grunt people make when they realise it’s still winter, could provide the answer? What if the solution to all of our political strife … was Lent?

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