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Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson Have Yet to Say the Words ‘Rob Porter’

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

The Fox News primetime blackout on Rob Porter continued this week, as its two biggest stars have been completely silent on the former Trump staff secretary who resigned last week amid allegations of physically abusing his ex-wives.

Despite one White House official claiming the Porter debacle is “as bad as” Trump’s infamous decision to fire FBI chief James Comey last year, neither Sean Hannity nor Tucker Carlson have mustered the strength to so much as mention the ousted Trump aide’s name on-air.

The Porter scandal has only grown as questions have arisen about the White House’s failure to explain why the ex-aide was able to stay on the job as long as he did, despite the brutal allegations. And on Tuesday, FBI chief Christopher Wray directly contradicted the White House’s timeline on how it handled those domestic-abuse claims.

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