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Trump announces 'largest-ever' sanctions on North Korea

The Trump administration has launched new sanctions against 50 vessels, shipping companies and trade businesses in the latest bid to ratchet up pressure on North Korea over its nuclear program....


Social media helps French police find WWI soldier's relative

PARIS (AP) — A fallen soldier's letter from World War I that was discovered in France has touched authorities so much they launched a successful search for the soldier's living relatives.The...


HTC lays off a large portion of its US team

HTC was once the darling child of Android, but it has been a long time since they had a financially successful phone launch. Despite making some of the best Android phones, they have been on a...


Minnesota Father Arrested For Chaining, Torturing & Raping Captive Twin Daughters

Police have arrested a man in Minnesota for allegedly chaining up, beating and raping his intellectually disabled twin daughters, eventually twice impregnating one of the women. On Feb. 21,...


Cops: Chevy Chase kicked in roadside altercation in New York

SOUTH NYACK, N.Y. (AP) — New York State Police say actor and comedian Chevy Chase was kicked in the shoulder during an altercation with another driver.Police say the 74-year-old Chase was...